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30 years
Musical Walks!

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There were many of you, enthusiastic and passionate, who accompanied us in the adventure of the Promenades musicales du Pays d'Auge in 2023: thank you from the bottom of my heart! Carried by your encouragement and your energy, we are ready to share with you this new vintage: that of the 30th anniversary of the festival! 30 years of music, rediscovered places and summer exchanges in the Pays d'Auge!

Initiated by Christine Van Daele and continued by Véronique Pleintel, these Walks have found a special place on the national and international scene, where artistic excellence rubs shoulders with the beauty of places, in a simple and friendly atmosphere.

To mark this anniversary, we have chosen to weave 15 continuous days of music festival, from July 13 to 27, where the greatest artists will offer rich and varied shows: a grand symphony ball, a revisited Carmen in a superb agricultural high school , a marathon of concertos in a transformed cloister, a lyrical cocoon for newborns, a quartet of singers in the middle of horse races or even a large jazz orchestra celebrating Ella Fitzgerald under medieval vaults : place your bets! Children and families are at the center of our festival with the Petites Promenades series, 7 events open to all but particularly aimed at them. And, since it is a summer of anniversaries, we will also celebrate together the 80th anniversary of the Allied Landings in Normandy with several concerts which will introduce you to gems of English and American music, but also the repertoire of the years of liberation, by Piaf to Gershwin. Music and high places in the Pays d'Auge also rhyme with a certain Norman art of living: actors, chefs, projectionist, lecturer, young musicians from the Academy, and even entertainers will accompany this great anniversary edition: come and celebrate with music with us !

Sébastien Daucé

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