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A strong identity!  

Itinerance, rurality, heritage, diversity and musical excellence:


Created in 1994, les Promenades musicales du Pays d'Auge have since offered concerts by great artists, in rural areas in the Pays d'Auge: an alliance between local heritage and diversified musical offerings, from ancient music to contemporary creation with some escapes into world music, jazz and song. In 2023, Sébastien Daucé takes over the management of the festival with an additional opening to the public, music lovers or non-music lovers, children, families, in a spirit of conviviality and meeting people.

Churches, castles... stud farms and factories

The Pays d'Auge has no shortage of very beautiful stones: churches, castles, abbeys, manors, so many places to discover or rediscover without limit. But since 2023 the Promenades have also invited the public to look at industrial places which have made the history of the Pays d'Auge: the spinning mills or dairies for example which tell the story of a social aspect of this territory. The DNA of the Pays d'Auge is also horses: in 2023, Les Promenades took over the magnificent Haras de Lécaude for an evening around tango with a demonstration of Argentinian polo horses. In 2024, the Clairefontaine Hippodrome will host a highlight of the festival, the “Promenades au pas de course” around pop-up concert stages organized between races.

The conviviality around each concert:

In 2023, Les Promenades brought several local producers on board for two weeks of concerts. The objective: a warm and delicious setting to chat before and after the concert with the artists, the public, the festival team. The Trip-Hop micro-brewery was, for example, present at each concert with a production of beers brewed on site in Lisieux, served in returnable glasses. By offering this gourmet conviviality, the Promenades offer in certain small towns a rare and vital moment of warm gathering. In 2024, the Promenades will allow the public to discover real gastronomic talents from the region who will play the game of roaming with us to offer local products and flavors.


A living festival, a sustainable festival

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Writing a new decade for a festival like the Promenades musicales du Pays d'Auge implies being part of a sustainable and happy duration. The traveling nature of the festival makes it possible to present artistic proposals as close as possible to audiences, in the smallest rural communities, without them having to travel to larger urban centers.

However, this roaming also leads a large number of people to move around. First stage of reflection around mobility in 2023: the Promenades concentrated their presence over two weeks in July and reorganized the programming into three centers, thus making it possible to rationalize technical and public travel.

In 2024, Les Promenades will test a carpooling application adapted to live shows, Co-Voiturage Simple, which will be combined with ticketing software in order to encourage shared and reasoned mobility. Les Promenades also focuses on new uses: pooling equipment with the major Normandy stages in order to avoid purchases and storage. In terms of food, the festival uses Augerone restaurants and brasseries. Particular attention will be paid to short circuits and to an approach promoting local specificities for the supply of artists and the public and to the reduction of waste linked to this position.

Finally, on the artistic side, the Promenades are joining forces with the Musicales de Normandie in Seine-Maritime and MusicAncy in Yonne, to coordinate their programming and rationally circulate the invited musical ensembles in order to extend the broadcast time of the programs.

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