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Sat, 29 Jul


Abbey Auditorium

L'Académie du Pays d'Auge : Winner's Concert

Baroque anthology with the new voices of tomorrow

L'Académie du Pays d'Auge : Winner's Concert
L'Académie du Pays d'Auge : Winner's Concert

Date et lieu

29 Jul 2023, 18:30

Abbey Auditorium, 3 Rue Saint-Benoît, 14170 Saint-Pierre-en-Auge, France

À propos de l'évènement

Soprano, high counter, height, baritone: it doesn't matter what we call them, they are, they are between 20 and 30 years old, they are young voices of today, future greats of tomorrow. Brought together for the first time within the festival's musical academy, singers will work for a week on the art of the beautiful voice and the expression of passions; Baroque especially, French but not only, with as godmother, both teacher and passer, Lucile Richardot, mezzo, bass-above, viola... Faithful to the Correspondance ensemble, she is accompanied in her mission by the harpsichord and the organ by Florian Carré and Sébastien Daucé.

Of the diva, Lucile Richardot has art without imposing the manners. In this series of master classes, there will be beauty, color, chat, laughter and the joy of singing better together. Some sessions are public. Discovering the secrets of the vocal laboratory with professionals does not teach you how to carve an ornament, but can sharpen your listening skills and arouse your appetite. Wouldn't you like to return to the concert of the first academy laureates? It is said that there will be lyrical art, court airs, solo voices and polyphony...


  • 2 days 1 hour

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