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Sun, 16 Jul


Halle St Jacques

Into the winds - Let yourself be told Lisieux

A guided tour of Lisieux in the company of musicians. Go to the Halle Saint-Jacques to the Sub-prefecture.

Into the winds - Let yourself be told Lisieux
Into the winds - Let yourself be told Lisieux

Date et lieu

16 Jul 2023, 11:00

Halle St Jacques, 6 Rue Saint-Jacques, 14100 Lisieux

À propos de l'évènement

Gallic town, medieval town, Renaissance capital of carved wood and half-timbered houses, Lisieux was in ruins at the end of the Second World War. If its history is rich, its heritage is rare and secret: you need all the know-how of a guide-lecturer to discover it; and the evocative power of the Into the Winds ensemble to go back in time. Recorder and douçaine, chalemie and bombarde, sackbute and busine – and then also the tambourines and percussion of the “perfect dance” : just by the grace and energy of their instruments, half the journey is accomplished!

If you are wondering what the sound of old woodwinds and brass instruments might have sounded like, from William's Normandy to that of Charles VII and Henry IV, with Into the Winds, the answer is in the blowing of the wind...

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