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Unexpected and Short Walks


Music in motion: the “Unexpected”

In the markets, in the parks, in the squares, in the forests... all the artists present in these unexpected concerts will pull out all the stops to persuade you of one thing: music has its place everywhere and for all ears !

So many “Unexpected” events which have become unmissable moments of the festival where young and old can get caught up in friendly moments of music or discovery. The Unexpected are free and open to all! The Promenades do not only put music in the spotlight: throughout the edition, three comedians mime, play, parody, interview the little ones, ask the musicians questions...

Whether the world of classics is your familiar playground or whether it seems like a foreign land of adventure, trust our guides: they are very well equipped to accompany you where you never thought you would go, to track the unexpected and make you feel comfortable!

Petite Promenade.jpg

The public of tomorrow: the “Petites Promenades”

Les Petites Promenades is a tailor-made program for the youngest ears, around varied proposals mixing different artistic fields: concert, discovery of instruments, musical cinema, show with graphic performance... A real series of 7 meetings you throughout the festival including a show accessible from birth!

Discovery of instruments, gestures, sounds, moment of practice, immersion in music... come with your family to spend a relaxed, warm moment of discovery without fear of disturbing anyone!

Duration 30 to 45 minutes

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