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To support the Festival, I WILL MAKE A DONATION. Every support counts!

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You can send your donations to:

Culture and Heritage Association

The Musical Walks of the Pays d'Auge | 11 rue d’Orival | 14100 LISIEUX

(check payable to Culture and Heritage)​

Or pay via Hello Asso below:

Each year, the festival brings artistic proposals of international level to the most beautiful places in the Pays d'Auge, in a spirit of accessibility to all and conviviality.

In 2024, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the festival, we wish to further accentuate our priority towards children and families. We need your support !


  • Maintain the lowest possible ticket price policy, particularly for the youngest.

  • Allow artists to come and work with school children in Pays d'Auge during the school year.

  • Develop an ambitious program for the summer festival.

  • Sustain the Pays d’Auge Academy for young professional artists.


We need everyone's support: individuals, businesses who believe that an event like ours can contribute positively to the Pays d'Auge and its future. Even for such a great ambition, there is no small contribution: every donation counts!

For individuals :

Your donation entitles you to an income tax reduction of 66% of the donation amount, up to 20% of your taxable income. For example, for a donation of €100, the actual cost is €34.

For businesses: your donation entitles you to a tax reduction of 60% of the donation amount, up to 0.5% of turnover. For example, for a donation of €100, the actual cost is €40.

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